Veterinary Operating Table - hydraulics

A veterinary operating table was brought to our workshop for inspection.  Unfortunately, due to the age of the equipment, it was considered uneconomical to repair.

In order to help our customer with a solution that suited their budget, we removed the top from the old table and fitted it to a hydraulic lifting table.  The table was further modified by:-
  1. The two back wheels being replaced with two rubber feet
  2. A foot release pedal fitted to replace the hand release lever that was removed when the handle was detached.

This is an excellent example of recycling and helping a customer find a solution.

veterinary operating table - hydraulics
Veterinary operating table

Danfoss PVG120 valve assembly

Proportional Valve Assembly

Two Danfoss PVG120/1 valves were built in our in-house workshop to our customer's specificiations.  Prior to despatch the valves were tested on our test rig.

Model No PVG120/1 155H5433

components used:

155G0300   Shock valve
155G7023   Cover
Danfoss PVG16 PVG32 PVG100 PVG120
Danfoss PVG120/1 valve assemblies
155G7060   Cover
155G6005   Work Section
155G3040   Lever assembly
155G4061   Cover
155G5020   Inlet Section
155G6081   Plug
155G6458   Spool
155G8031   Assembly Kit

P & R Hydraulics is an official distributor for Danfoss Fluid Power and we can supply PVG proportional valves - current modules available PVG16, PVG32, PVG100 & PVG120.  Our in-house workshop enables us to build valves to your own specific requirements and to perform repairs/tests.

Danfoss PVG proportional valves are compatible with wireless control packs (up to 7 different functions and many further extra options available).

For more information on our products and services, please contact us - tel: +44 (0) 1603 424880 or

Parker PD15 hydraulic winch motor repairs

Parker PD15 hydraulic winch motor repairs

(model number: 3139710137)

Four hydraulic winch motors were received in our workshop for inspection and repair.  Each motor was dismantled, repaired using genuine Parker parts and then tested on our in-house test rig. 

The repaired motors were returned to our customer with test certificates.

P & R Hydraulics is a genuine Parker distributor for the sale and repair of Parker products.  Please contact us for more details - 01603 407935.

Parker PD15 hydraulic winch motor - hydraulic repairs
Parker PD15 hydraulic winch motor repairs

Danfoss Hydrostatic Transmission Pump HTP 25/40/63

The Danfoss HTP pump is an example of turf maintenance (ground care) hydraulics supplied by P&R Hydraulics Ltd.

Unfortunately the Danfoss hydrostatic transmission pump is obsolete and our stock is limited.  We currently have stock available for the following complete units:-

153H0253 - HTP40
153L0488 - HTP63
153L0505 - HTP63
153X0007 - HTP63

However, we may have the knowledge, products and workshop facilities to modify the above into any configuration required.  Please see below for our complete units and spares.  For further details contact us on tel: 01603 424880.

Danfoss HTP 40 153H0253
(replaces 153H0089)
Danfoss HTP40
Danfoss HTP63 153L0488
Danfoss HTP63

Danfoss HTP63 153L0505
Danfoss HTP63

Danfoss HTP63 153X0007
Danfoss HTP63
Danfoss 153U3420
Danfoss HTP40/63
Stacking flange

Danfoss 153U6410
Danfoss HTP25/40/63
Filter assembly

Danfoss 153U6480
Danfoss HTP25/40/63
Flange (filtration)

Danfoss 153U6430
Danfoss HT40
By pass flange

Danfoss 153U3220
Danfoss HTP25
Stacking flange

Danfoss 153U3410
Danfoss HTP40/63
Stacking flange

Danfoss 153U4414
Danfoss HTP40/63
Shock valve

Danfoss 153U4421
Danfoss HTP40/63
Shock valve

Danfoss 153U4424
Danfoss HTP40/63
Shock valve
Danfoss 153U4427
Danfoss HTP40/63
Shock valve

Danfoss 153U4430
Danfoss HTP40/63
Shock valve

Danfoss 153U4432
Danfoss HTP40/63
Shock valve

Danfoss 153U3200
Danfoss HTP25
End cover

Danfoss 153X0012
Danfoss HTP25
Servo control 12V

Danfoss 153F1101
Danfoss HTP25/40/63
Seal kit

Volumetric Mixer Hydraulic Pump Repair

Commercial/Parker Hannifin hydraulic pump repair

Part number 323 9130 196 PGP350L*442xxxAB25-98xxxAB15-1xxxAB10-1

Shaft - damaged

The pump was sent to us for repair as it had a broken shaft (please see image).

The pump was dismantled, all parts cleaned and inspected.  The following parts were replaced:-

323 2925 240   gear set (containing drive shaft)
323 8125 100   gear housing
391 0381 077   bearing
391 2882 139   seal
391 2882 140   seal
391 2883 103   seal
391 2884 074   seal

The pump was reassembled, tested on our in-house test rig and returned to our customer together with an adaptor kit.

P & R Hydraulics is an official distributor for Parker Hannifin (formerly known as Commercial Intertech).  All of the above items can be supplied individually or as an assembled unit.  We can supply single pumps and motors, tandem pumps, triple pumps and quad pumps.  Also we can do custom builds, build to existing specifications or repair an original unit (as above).

For more imformation on our products and services please contact us on 01603 424880 or visit our website -

Parker Hannifin  Commercial 323 9130 196 hydrauic repair
Hydraulic pump repaired

Danfoss PVG valves

Danfoss PVG valves

What a day for Danfoss PVG valves!  Our engineers have been working closely with our customers in order to spec and assemble the following PVG proportional valves:-

PVG32 - 10 bank with mid inlet
PVG32 - 5 bank
PVG32 + hybrid on/off valve
PVG100 - 2 bank

The Danfoss PVG proportional valves are of a module system design which enables customisation for varying vehicle control needs and provides an almost infinite number of configurations.  All parts are interchangeable, so valve specifications can be easily altered to accomodate new functions.

P & R Hydraulics is an authorised Danfoss Power Solutions sales partner.  Our fully equipped workshop, trained engineers and testrig enable us to build and repair all combinations of Danfoss PVG valves - PVG32, PVG100 and PVG120.  We can also supply individual valve components.

Please contact us for more details - tel: 01603 424880.

Danfoss PVG proportional valves
PVG proportional valves under construction

MHA1400 HTL Hydraulic Motor Repair

We received a MHA1400 HTL hydraulic motor in a dismantled condition from a Scottish customer.  The motor was off a Miami fairground ride and was required back in time for the Easter break.

All parts were cleaned and inspected and the motor was reassembled with new bearings and a seal kit.  The assembled motor was tested for operation and brake facilities, and once we were satisfied we informed our customer who drove down from Scotland to collect the unit.

P&R Hydraulics has been doing hydraulic repairs for many years.  Since purchasing Hydraulics Direct (Essex) in 2009, we branched out into HTL hydraulic motor repairs and over the years we have gained a good reputation for these.

P&R Hydraulics are hydraulic specialists for sales, repairs and site visits.  We hold an extensive stock of hydraulic components which can be supplied on a next day delivery.  Our in-house workshop, test-rig and trained engineers enable us to inspect, test and repair hydraulic motors, pumps and valves, helping our customers keep their downtime to a minimum.  For more information on HTL hydraulic motors or hydraulic repairs please contact us on tel: 01603 424880.

MHA1400 HTL motor components

MHA1400 HTL motor

MHA1400 HTL motor being tested